College Algebra & Trigonometry (MATH 1340)

Fall 2008

MW 5:30 - 7:10 at RH 1565

Instructor:   Dr. Seongchun (Michelle) Kwon
Office:   University Hall 2030C
Office hours:   1:30 - 3:30 on MW, 1:30 - 2:30 on F or by appointment

Text:    Precalculus by Larson and Hosteller 8th edition
Materials covered:    Varied properties of Functions, Polynomial and Rational functions, Exponential and Logarithmic functions, Trigonometric functions, Solving polynomial and trigonometric equations, Solving inequalities, Conic sections

Final Exam:   5:00 - 7:00 December 15, Monday

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                                         Progress, Problems and Solutions

    Date Progress Problems,Solutions
    Aug 25(M) Introduction, Sec.1.1. Rectangular Coordinates Diagnostic Test
    Aug 27(W) Sec.1.2. Graphs of Equations,     Sec. 1.3. Linear Equations in Two Variables,     Sec.1.4. Functions Group Quiz( 24, 32 in Sec. 1.1, 22, 60 in Sec. 1.2. 2, 4, 40 in Sec. 1.3.)
    Sep 3(W) sec.1.5. Analyzing Graphs of Functions, sec.1.7. Transformations of Functions Group Quiz
    Sep 8(M) sec.1.8. Combinations of Functions Closedbook Quiz, Group Quiz: 14, 28(c)(Do NOT simplify) in section 1.4., 4, 36 in section 1.5., 12 in section 1.7.
    Sep 10(W) 1.9. Inverse Functions, 2.1. Quadratic Functions and Models
    Sep 15(M) Review for the Exam Group Quiz
    Sep 17(W) Exam(sec. 1.1. - sec.2.1): Exam Preparation Tips Exam: Best Solutions: Aaron, Chang
    Sep 22(M) 2.2. Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree
    Sep 24(W) 2.2. Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree, 2.3. Polynomial and Synthetic Division Mini-Make-Up Exam
    Sep 29(M) 2.4. Complex Numbers, 2.5. Zeros of Polynomial Functions Closedbook Quiz(sec.2.2.~2.3.)
    Oct 1(W) 2.5. Zeros of Polynomial Functions, 2.6. Rational Functions Group Quiz: 12 and 48 in sec.2.5.; 14 and 16 in sec.2.6.
    Oct 6(M) 2.7. Nonlinear Inequalities, 3.1. Exponential Functions and Their Graphs Closedbook Quiz(sec. 2.4.~2.6)
    Oct 8(W) 3.1. Exponential Functions and Their Graphs Group Quiz: 32 in sec. 2.6, 16, 40 in sec. 2.7., 48, 50 in sec. 3.1.
    Oct 13(M) 3.2. Logarithmic Functions and Their Graphs, 3.3. Properties of Logarithms
    Oct 15(W) 3.4. Exponential and Logarithmic Equations, Review for the exam
    Oct 21(T) Special Office hour: 10 - 12 AM, 1 - 3 PM
    Oct 22(W) Exam 2(sec. 2.2 - sec. 3.4); Review Problems (You may turn these problems in for 5 extra points on the day of exam instead of suggested problems. For 5 extra points, you need show how you got the answers. Do NOT copy the answers in the back of the text.) Exam: Best Solutions: Aaron
    Oct 27(M) 4.1. Radian and Degree Measure, 4.2. Trigonometric Functions: The Unit Circle
    Oct 29(W) 4.3. Right Triangle Trigonometry, 4.4. Trigonometric Functions and Any Angle
    Nov 3(M) 5.1. Using Fundamental Identities Group Quiz: 52 in sec. 4.1., 16 in sec. 4.2., 30. (a), (b), (d) in sec. 4.3., 64 in sec. 4.4.
    Nov 5(W) 5.2. Verifying Trigonometric Identities, 5.3. Solving Trigonometric Equations Closedbook Quiz
    Nov 12(W) 5.3. Solving Trigonometric Equations Group Quiz: 24, 30, 34, 36, 40 in sec. 5.3.
    Nov 17(M) 5.3. Solving Trigonometric Equations, 5.4. Sum and Difference Formulas
    Nov 19(W) 5.4. Sum and Difference Formulas, 5.5. Multiple-Angle and Product-to-Sum Formulas Closedbook Quiz
    Nov 24(M) 4.5. Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions, 4.7. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    Nov 25(T) Special Office Hour: 1-3
    Dec 1(M) Self-Review for the Exam: No class
    Dec 3(W) Exam 3( Chapter 4, Chapter 5) Formula to be provided in the 3rd exam. Best Solution: Exam: Best Solutions: Aaron
    Dec 8(M) 4.7. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    Dec 10(W) Review For the Final Exam Mini-Make-Up Exam
    Dec 15(M) Final Exam at 5-7

    I will try to finish the exam grading until December 17. Please, check your course grade at the password protected website `Your Scores' on December 18. I will send bulk e-mails when the final course grades are ready!